TTP-600 Waterproof Paper

This product is for finish polishing of molds, polishing of metal specimen pieces,etc.

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  • Highly durable CWT paper impregnated with oil for excellent water resistance, and can be used for a wide range of applications from hard work to finishing.
  • Silicon carbide abrasive grains are applied evenly to achieve high surface finish accuracy.


  • Finish grinding of molds and metal specimens.
  • Polishing of painted surfaces.
  • Wood and glass work.
  • Automobile repair.
  • Surface polishing and rust removal of metallic steel.

Specifications and standards

    Width (mm) 228
    Particle size (#) 600
    Length(mm) 280
    Number of packets (sheets) 500
    Material Paper (CWT)
    Abrasive material: Silicon carbide (C)
    Weight/Mass unit 20g