trusco route van

MPB-600J-B Route-van

Connectable Plastic Flatbed Truck Route Van

Main Features

  • Can be connected vertically and horizontally. (Vertical connection is possible only with all flexible casters (including those with stoppers).
  • Stacking is possible.
  • The cargo bed has a robust ribbed structure.
  • It is not easily affected by chemicals or solvents and has excellent durability.
  • Four anti-slip rubber pads are provided on the platform.
  • The corner stopper for Route Van MP-600 can be installed. (MPB-600 series)
  • Elastomer resin wheels are used to reduce the risk of tire marks.
  • Optional fence can be installed to prevent load collapse. (When loading lightweight materials)
  • Specifications

    Completed product
    Caster mounting method Boltless specification
    4 self-supporting casters
    Flat carriage
    Caster diameter 75mm
    Equal load 100kg
    Color Blue
    Length 615mm
    Width 415mm
    Height 115mm
    Caster diameter 75mm
    Wheel material elastomer resin


    Cargo bed 100% recycled polypropylene (PP)
    Caster fittings Steel (trivalent chromium plating)
    Wheel Polypropylene (PP) resin
    Tires elastomer resin
    trusco route van trusco route van