THM-7 Hand Magnetic Finder

This product is for field work, outdoor repair work,etc.

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  • Easy to use with one action of suction and release.
  • It can pick up scattered screws, parts, scrap iron, and iron pieces.
  • The handle is movable, so it can be used at any angle (0-90 degrees).
  • The long handle can pick up iron powder and scrap from deep places.
  • Pull the lever on the handle to release the object easily.


  • Field work
  • Outdoor repair work,etc.

Specifications and standards

    Adhesion force (N) 30
    Width (mm) 96
    Depth(mm) 105
    Height (mm) 960
    Material Magnet: Ferrite magnet
    Body Carbon steel
    Adsorption surface Aluminum alloy
    Weight/Mass unit 1.6kg