trusco 28CF22

28CF-22 Spatter Felt

Best for catching scum from the metal during welding.

Main Features

  • Spatter felt fabrics are lighter than woven fabrics.
  • The lack of interweave makes it difficult for scum to penetrate, and adhering scum is easy to remove.
  • The cut surface does not fray.
  • Uniform thickness is maintained by the heat roll process.
  • Non-asbestos and non-RCF for safety.
  • Uses

  • For use in scum catching operations. (Sprinkling with water is even more effective.)
  • trusco 28CF22


    JIS A 1323 Class A approved No. 01A0768
    Thickness 2.8mm
    Type Cut
    Width (mm) 2000
    Length (mm) 2000
    Material 100% flame-resistant fiber
    Fluid used Compressed air
    Weight 1.44kg
    Conditions of use - Precautions Cannot be used to prevent sparks from scattering from grinding wheel cutting machines.
    Country of manufacture Japan
    trusco 28CF22