super tool wrenchKP24

super tool
KP24 OFFSET WRENCH 60°TYPE (with corn shaped spear)

Ideal for tightening bolts in civil engineering, construction, bridges, and steel towers.

super tool wrenchKP24


  • The drop-forged I beam structure of the handle section provides strength and stability.
  • The corn shaped spear part is optimal for aligning bolt holes.
  • 60 degree-slant and length of the neck part prevents collision with adjacent bolts or angle ribs.
  • Optimal for civil engineering, construction, bridging and steel towering.
  • Hole for safety rope is made for size more than 17.
  • Specifications

    Material Chromium molybdenum steel
    Surface treatment Cationic electrodeposition coating
    Overall length 374mm
    Opposite side dimension 24mm
    Weight 0.42kg
    Product Specifications All 15 sizes