sinfonia parts feeder

HME-14 Mini parts feeder

High-speed, high-precision handling of micro-sized parts and electronic chips. Compact design and versatility to handle a wide range of small parts.

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  • Designed for the automatic conveyance and stable delivery of delicate components that are easily scratched or damaged, these feeders provide high-speed, high-precision parts handling
  • With the fine vibration of full wave drive and a soft start function, all types of tiny parts for cameras, watches etc. can be handled. Compact design takes up minimal space.


    Smooth, reliable, orderly presentation of tiny, thin parts High vibration frequency and small amplitude allow for the orderly delivery of micro-sized, thin and complex-shaped parts, which is hard to achieve with conventional feeder vibration characteristics.
    Highly accurate sorting and conveyance Bouncing of workpieces during conveyance is reduced, and evenslight variations in shape and weight distribution of small parts can be detected for accurate sorting.
    No problems at connecting points With little vibration displacement, there is no damage to workpieces caused by gaps between bowl and chute or chute and non-vibratingparts.
    High vibration frequency gives high speed delivery High vibration frequency conveys workpieces smoothly, speedily and with no resistance, to supply a stable quantity with little variation, for a significant improvement in efficiency.
    No readjustment of leaf-spring necessary Once set, leaf-spring requires no further adjustment. With feedback control for amplitude, c hanges over time in voltage or load do not cause fluctuations in vibration.
    Compact design, with a height adjustment function Down-sized design for maximum space-saving, with a vibro-isolating base. Bowl height can be adjusted within 3 mm range to simplify positioning.


    Rated voltage 100/110V
    Rated current 0.50A
    Vibration frequency 220~360Hz
    Weight 7.8kg
    Loaded weight 2.0kg
    Max.bowl diameter φ230
    Compatible standard controller C10-1VF, C10-1VFEF, C9-03VFTC