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Field Balancer SB-7705 series

SB-7705 series is the unique to defuse 3D(X,Y,Z) vibrations by “Multi-speed Multi-plane Balancing Algorithm” for preventing vibration at wide speed range of flexible rotor with higher order of bending modes.

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Range of application

  • •Variable-speed Spindle of Machining Center, Textile and spinning machines, Tapping center, etc.
  • •NC Lathe, High-speed Die Machinery, High-speed Slicer, Dicing Saw, Internal Grinder, Woodworking Machinery, Crusher, Blower, Pump, Compressor, etc.
  • •Most of precision grinder as Surface grinder, Forming grinder, Centerless grinder, Cylindrical grinder (-optional)
  • Features

  • For balancing of flexible and rigid rotors.
  • High accuracy and efficient balancing 1 to 4 plane balancing
  • After balancing vibration forecasting function
  • FFT analyzer is equipped as standard
  • Lissajous display function
  • Documentation and archiving
  • Touch screen color LCD
  • Unbalance correction by balance weights arrangement -optional