sightron micro scope

SP725S Digital Microscope nano capture

For magnify and observe objects that are invisible or small to the naked eye.

sightron micro scope

Lightweight and compact design!

  • Unlike conventional eyepiece microscopes, the magnified image can be displayed on a monitor in real time by connecting to a PC via USB.
  • You will discover a new world by looking at things that you cannot normally see, such as the magnification of coins and circuit boards, the workmanship of clothing and other fibers under magnification, as well as the grease and dirt on your scalp and the fineness of your skin.
  • Main Features

  • This is a handy type microscope that can be used by connecting to a PC.
  • Small microorganisms and materials can be magnified and observed at 60/250x (when using a 17-inch monitor).
  • Still and moving images can be captured and saved.
  • Still images can be captured at 2.0 megapixels and movies at 640 x 480 pixels.
  • With a stand, both hands can be used, making it ideal for work.
  • With LED illumination, even dark objects can be seen clearly.
  • Interval shooting is possible. Also the number of shots, shooting interval, and shooting duration can be selected.
  • Image of paper money 60x and 250x

    sightron micro scopesightron micro scope


    Connection USB2.0
    Effective magnification (for 17-inch monitor) 60 to 250x
    Imaging range 5.6mmx4.2mm (at 60x), 1.4mmx1.1mm (at 250x)
    Illumination 4 LED lamps
    Image element CMOS
    Maximum resolution 1600 x 1200 pixels (UXGA)
    Maximum video resolution 640x480 pixels (VGA)
    Size of the scope φ30mm×86mm
    Weight approx. 90g (main unit)


    sightron micro scope
    Accessories Dedicated stand, installation CD, observation table, USB cable, user's manual, warranty card