sekonic electric hygro-thermograph

ST-50M Electric Hygro-Thermograph

Displays and records temperature and humidity simultaneously.

Main Features

  • Displays and records temperature and humidity simultaneously.
  • With an electronic sensor of excellent responsiveness, it has been given a compact body for indoor installations.
  • Best suited for general environmental measurement, and monitoring in greenhouses, storage warehouses, laboratories and so on.
  • Can be stored on SD card.
  • Durable for 6 months continuous recording with batteries(LR20 X 4)
  • No need to change chart paper.
  • Sensor extension is possible (5m, 20m, or 50m extension cable is available).
  • Can be used with either an AC adapter or a single dry cell battery(×4).
  • The sensor can be easily calibrated by operating the user calibration key.
  • Specifications

    Measurement methods (Temperature) Semiconductor Sensor
    Measurement methods (Humidity) High Molecular Electrostatic Capacity Sensor.
    Measurement ranges(Temperature) -20 to 50℃ / -4 to 122゜F / -20 to 80℃ / -4 to 176゜F(with sensor Extension Cable)
    Measurement ranges(Humidity) 20 to 90%RH(No Condensation)/ 0 to 100%RH(with Sensor Extension Cable, No Condensation)
    Memory recording SD memory card: 128MB to 2GB
    Save format Comma-separated text file (CSV format)
    Display contents Temperature and relative humidity
    Chart speed 4 levels (2.5mm/h, 5mm/h, 10mm/h, 20mm/h)
    Recording paper feed 2.5mm/h=about 6 months, 5.0mm/h=about 3 months, 10mm/h=about 1.5 months, 20 mm/h = approx. 20 days
    Power Source 4 x AAA batteries (sold separately), AC adapter (sold separately)
    Width x Depth x Height 300 x 105 x 245 mm
    Weight 2.3kg


  • Sensor Extension Cable( 5 m / 16.40feet, 20m / 65.62feet, 50m / 164.04feet)
  • Chart Paper( 5 Sheets / Box)
  • Chart Pen( 2 Blue & 2 Red pens)/ Box
  • User's manual (including warranty card)