sanwa digital multimeter RD701

RD701 SANWA Digital Multimeter Supports true effective value

High input impedance 1000MΩ

Main Features

  • Direct reading temperature measurement is possible. (K type sensor included)
  • A large LCD display that is easy to see.
  • It supports a high input impedance of 1000 MΩ with little voltage measurement loss.
  • Equipped with MAX recording function
  • Easy-to-read large LCD display
  • It is a CE standard product.
  • Maximum display: 4000 counts
  • True effective value measurement method
  • Auto power off function that operates in about 30 minutes that can be released
  • Equipped with a warning buzzer for incorrect insertion into the dedicated current terminal
  • Uses

  • For research and development.
  • For electronic work.
  • For building maintenance.
  • For facility preservation and maintenance.
  • Specifications

    Detection method True effective value rectification (RMS)
    High input impedance 1000MΩ
    Temperature measurement is possible
    Frequency measurement up to 1MHz is possible
    New model fuse specifications 1 0.63A / 500V IR50kA Φ6.3 × 32mm ceramic tube (F1198)
    New model fuse specifications 2 12.5A / 500V IR20kA Φ6.3 × 32mm ceramic tube (F1199)
    Old model fuse specifications 1 0.63A / 250V IR1.5kA Φ5.2 × 20mm ceramic tube (F2019)
    Old model fuse specifications 2 12.5A / 500V IR20kA Φ6.3 × 32mm ceramic tube (F1199)
    DC voltage (V) 1000
    AC voltage (V) 1000
    Direct current (A) 10
    Alternating current (A) 10
    Resistance (Ω) 40M
    Detection method True effective value rectification (RMS)
    Continuity check Buzzer sound at 20 to 120Ω or less Open voltage: Less than 0.4V
    Power supply(V) Stacked 9V dry cell (6F22) x 1 (included)
    Width (mm) 87
    Depth (mm) 55
    Height (mm) 179
    Continuous use time Approximately 150 hours
    Maximum display (count): 4000
    Capacitor (F) 3000μ
    Temperature (℃) -20 to 300
    Frequency (Hz) 1M
    Diode test: Open circuit voltage less than 1.6V
    Mass / mass unit 460g


  • Do not use if the body or test leads are damaged.
  • Do not hold the test pin side from the brim of the test probe during measurement.
  • For the test lead, connect the ground side (test lead black) first, and then connect the energized side (test lead red). When disconnecting, first disconnect the energized side.
  • Do not switch to another function or range or replace the test lead plug with another measurement terminal during measurement.
  • Use a fuse with the specified shape and rating.
  • Set contents / accessories

  • Test lead (TL-23a)
  • K-type thermocouple sensor (K-250PC)
  • Holster (H-50)
  • instruction manual