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Psacal pump

A Air-driven, Compact, High performance Hydraulic pump from pascal which could be used even under the hot and humid environment

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  • Air Driven & Super Compact---Unique air driving design enables a smaller and lighter body.Moreover,this product is a reliable hydraulic pump, which converts a compressed air force into high-pressure hydraulic power
  • Mobility with High Performance---Due to the high durability and impact-resistance for its size, it can be easily installed in a narrow or limited space.
  • Highly Reliable Mechanism---In order to secure stable reciprocating movement ranging from 1 cycle /hour to 2000 cycle / minute, various technical know-how are incorporated.


  • Boosting ratio can be selected from 9.4 to 95 times in 6 models
  • Secure and high speed reciprocation of air and hydraulic piston generates a repetitive suction and discharge of air and oil. At the designated hydraulic pressure, the driving air force and hydraulic force become balanced to maintain the pressure.
  • At the balanced condition, there is no air consumption so that there is no power loss or temperature rise compared to an electric pump.
  • If there is a decrease in the downstream holding pressure, the pump immediately reacts to start reciprocating to recover the pressure loss.