osakasanitary clamp

osaka sanitory
Clamp Type 2K Type CP2K

Sanitary clamp for medium and low pressure.

Main Features

  • ISO standard clamp union fittings are unions that are assembled by inserting gaskets with heruhl and tightening with clamps.
  • Unions have a structure in which the inner and seal surfaces of pipes match when tightened.
  • Welded clamp unions are joined with sanitary pipes by argon arc TIG welding. In addition, the inside and outside diameter dimensions of the welded part are in accordance with JIS G 3447 stainless steel sanitary tube dimensions
  • The extract band type clamp union pushes and expands the pipe with the tube expander and joins the joint
  • Welding type: 1.0 MPa or less, Expand type: 0.2 MPa or less
  • Specifications

    osakasanitary clamp specification