oriental motor BLVM620K-GFS

Brushless DC Motor BLVM620K-GFS

>Compact, high-power brushless motors ideal for speed control.

Main Features

  • Wide speed range, flat torque
  • Great speed regulation
  • Easy to set speed control
  • *Gearhead required
  • It supports battery power and is equipped with convenient functions. A wide range of applications.
  • Wide speed control range and excellent speed stability.
  • Electromagnetic brake for load holding and vertical drive when stationary
  • Specifications

    Motor Type Brushless DC Motor
    Frame Size 4.09 in
    Output Power 200 W (1/4 HP)
    Shaft/Gear Type Pinion Shaft (Gearhead required - sold separately)
    Electromagnetic Brake Not Equipped
    Rotor moment of inertia J 0.61×10-4kg・m2
    Motor mass 2.4kg