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Washi(*Japanese Rice Paper) Masking Tape No.2312

For masking when painting vehicles,etc. Sticks well when applied in layers. There is little peeling or adhesive residue left on surfaces even when heat is applied.

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  • Ideal for masking straight lines. Also sticks securely on curved lines and round surfaces.
  • You can tear the tape easily with your fingers.
  • A pleasant shade of green.
  • After heat treatment, adhesive strength does not increase so it can be peeled off without leaving any residue.
  • Specifications

    Base material Washi(*Japanese Rice Paper)
    Maximum temperature resistance (°C for 30 mins) 120
    Color Green
    Pressure sensitive adhesive Acrylic adhesive
    Width(mm) 20
    Length(m) 18
    Thickness (mm) 0.095
    Peel strength (N/10mm) 1.09
    Tensile strength (N/10mm) 35.1
    Weight 42g
    Elongation (%) 5
    Quantity(rolls) Individual packaging:6, Inner box:60, Carton box:600