MJT-40K-RD NBK Curved Jaw-type Flexible Coupling

Flexible coupling with high torque and vibration absorption.

Main Features

  • Flexible jaw type coupling.
  • Tight fit enables zero backlash transmission at low torque.
  • Easy fit allows easy assembly and division of the hub.
  • Excellent flexibility.
  • Absorbs torsional vibration in addition to eccentricity and angular misalignment.
  • Excellent electrical insulation.
  • Resistance: 2 MΩ or more.
  • Four different sleeve hardness are available.
  • Select the one that best suits your application conditions, such as torque and misalignment.
  • nbk-coupling


    Standard shaft hole diameter D1~D2: 10mm~25mm
    Working torque(N・m) 17
    Max torque(N・m) 34
    Backlash 0 allowable transmission torque(N・m) 1.2
    Maximum speed(min) 15000
    Moment of inertia(kg・㎡) 3.6×10-5
    Torsional spring constant(N・m/rad) 1200
    Allowable eccentricity(mm) 0.1
    Allowable Eccentricity(°) 1
    Allowable End Play(mm) 0~+1.2
    Sleep Hardness A98