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Lumbar support wear

Wearing rakunie relieves the strain on the lumbar area Easy on the back, easy to move. Make a change in exhausting deep bending movements.

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6 Benefits

  • An astonishing lightness---We have realized an astonishing lightness by doing away with material to the bare minimum while focusing on functionality. surfcom touch
  • Easy to wear and take off---Once rakunie is adjusted to your size, it is easily put on and taken off in approximately 30 seconds. surfcom touch
  • Long-lasting supportive power---The special elastic material which creates support, maintains approximately 90% of its elastic force even after 50 thousand stretches. surfcom touch
  • Release support power when not needed---Easily release the support power of rakunie by undoing the backside buckle when relaxing or driving a car. surfcom touch
  • Corresponds to various work types and clothing---Rakunie can be worn inside or outside of uniforms according to one's work/tasks. surfcom touch
  • Hand-washing OK---rakunie can always be kept clean by washing. Everyday care for rakunie is made easy, because it dries quickly. surfcom touch