mitutoyo-573-634-20-digimatic caliper

NTD13-P15M Digimatic Caliper(ABS)(573-634-20)

This digimatic caliper is For step measurement, inside measurement, outside measurement, depth measurement, etc.

Main Features

  • The slider operates evenly, firmly and comfortably.
  • The tip of the jaw (0.75mm) is made thin to allow measurement of fine groove diameters.
  • ABS (absolute) scale eliminates the need for troublesome origin setting when power is turned on. Unlimited response speed.
  • Longer battery life: Before Approx. 3.5 years →Current approx. 5 years
  • CE standard product.
  • Specifications

    Blade type
    Protection class IP67
    Measurement data output terminal available
    Manufacturer's code 573-634-20
    Measuring range (mm) 0 to 150
    Power source Button-type silver oxide battery (SR44) x 1 (included)
    Instrumental error (mm) ±0.02
    Minimum display (mm) 0.01
    Jaws for outside (mm) 40
    Inner jaw (mm) 16.5
    Depth bar Yes
    Minimum display 0.01mm