marugo women safety shoes

MDLON507-WH Safety Sneaker Medallion (for women)

Safety sneaker developed exclusively for female.

Main Features

  • Safety sneakers developed exclusively for women.
  • A foot shape that fits women's feet perfectly has been adopted.
  • Light and safe plastic cores are used.
  • Colorful and fashionable design.
  • General work.
  • Specifications

    Compression resistance load 4.5 kN
    Heel shock absorption
    Foot width size EEE
    Sizes 23, 23.5, 24, 24.5, 25
    Color White
    US (U.S.) standard size L6.5, L7/M6, L8/M6.5, L8.5/M7.5, L9/M8
    UK (United Kingdom) standard size L4.5, 5, L6/M5.5, 6.5, 7
    EU (Europe) standard size L37, L37-38/M39, L38-39/M39-40, L39/M40, L39-40/M40-41
    Materail Toe box: Resin / Upper material: Synthetic leather + mesh
    Weight 500g~580g
    marugo women safety shoes sole