adjustable angle wrench

UM24S Hybrid Adjustable Angle Wrenches Skeleton Grip type

LOBSTER originated adjustable angle wrench, featuring “thin” and “lightweight” design.


  • It fits easily in your hand and is excellent for working in tight spaces and using thin bolts and nuts.
  • It is 60% lighter than conventional products with the same opening and has a bold form that reduces hand fatigue.
  • The wide mouth opening can accommodate bolts and nuts one size larger than usual.
  • Available in six different colors. Six colors of grips are available for convenient management at each workplace.
  • All of LOBTEX adjustable angle wrenches including the hybrid adjustable wrench are made in Japan, and can be reliably and safely used.
  • Specifications

    Model code UM24S
    Color Smoke
    Length (mm) 150
    Mouth opening (mm) 0~24
    Maximum mouth opening (mm) 24
    Tip thickness (mm) 5
    Max. bolt and nut size M16
    Material Special steel
    Weight 90g