KMV-50D Magnetic V Block

Holding tools for round bar marking and drilling. Holding tools for three-dimensional measuring instruments and various measuring systems.


  • Workpieces can be held on the top face (V face) and end face.
  • The ON/OFF lever is detachable. (The length of the opposite sides of the hex hole is 8 mm.)
  • Drip-proof and oil-resistant construction.
  • Two blocks make one set.
  • Ultra-precision fi nishing is also available. Please contact us.
  • Specifications

    Holding Power 150N(15kgf)or over
    Applicable Diameter mm(in) φ 8(0.31)ーφ 50(1.96)
    Dimensions mm(in) B: 40 (1.57)/ H: 50 (1.96)/ L: 70 (2.75)/ a; 36 (1.41)
    Mass 1kg/2.2 lb×2
    ON/OFF Switch Available