habasit round belt r-3

R-3-30M Poly-cord round belt

Poly-cord round belts made of high quality TPU are highly flexible, elastic and can be bent in any direction.


  • This belt can be endlessly processed on the machine by butt-welding the ends together. This makes installation and maintenance easy, and minimizes downtime due to work. In addition, the belt's creep-reduced design ensures a long service life.
  • Habasit poly cord round belts have higher abrasion resistance and higher tensile strength than orange products.
  • High flexibility, shock absorption and abrasion resistance.
  • Uses

  • For general transport, transmission, and repair of clothes dryers.
  • Can be used for twisting at short inter-shaft distances.
  • Specifications

    Cross-sectional diameter 3mm
    Belt length 30mm
    Material TPU
    Color Green
    Type Round belt, Rough surface
    Allowable temperature -20/+50℃
    Minimum pulley diameter 30mm