engineer Screw Removal Pliers RX

PZ-59 Screw Removal Pliers RX

8-inch Heavy duty Screw Extracting Tool, Multi-purpose Gripping Pliers. The patented vertically-serrated jaws can bite a damaged, broken or rusted screw head with no slip!

drawing of pz-59

Main Features

  • Removes screws with damaged, broken or rusted heads or stubborn fasteners in seconds - much faster than a fluted screw extractor bit and simpler than vise grip pliers.
  • Ideal for professionals, auto mechanics, builders, etc.
  • Inter-meshed side teeth even hold a very thin plate securely, no slippage! Equipped with side cutting jaws.
  • Owing to T-shaped forging handles, the handle sleeve will not twist or slip off during heavy duty use.
  • Unique jaws with serrations can grip a rusted or damaged head firmly without slipping.
  • drawing of pz-59


    Size 204mm
    Material Body: Carbon Steel, Handles: TPR
    Hardness HRC60±2
    Screw Head Size dia. 3 to 15mm
    Cutting Capacity dia. 3.2㎜ (Steel wire)
    Weight 300g