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ECO JET E Portable Multi Spray(Economy Type)

No need for LPG, CO2, air hoses, or electrical cords. Exceptional ease of use. Environmentally friendly!

Main Features

  • It is safe because it does not use explosive injection media, which are used in most general aerosol cans.
  • It can be pressurized with air from a compressor, nitrogen, carbon dioxide gas, etc. (pressure 0.5-0.7Mpa) and used repeatedly, making it economical.
  • It can be used for spraying water-soluble and solvent-based liquids as well as air blowing without electric cords or air hoses.
  • All parts of the main body are of sufficient strength and safety construction with excellent corrosion resistance.
  • No more worries about disposing of empty cans.
  • Can be used upside down.
  • Specifications

    Body container 550ml
    Diameter 67mm
    Height 205mm
    Weight 120g
    Material Aluminum

    Instructions for use

    ECO JET E relief valve 1.Press the spray button to see if there is any compressed air remaining. If any remains, bleed compressed air according to the instruction manual.
    ECO JET E construction 2.Open the spray cap (black screw cap).
    ECO JET E relief valve 3.Fill a spray can with 200-400ml (maximum 400ml) of the pre-measured undiluted liquid to be used.
    ECO JET E relief valve 4.Close the spray cap.
    ECO JET E construction 5.Set the spray can in the dedicated air station. (Maximum working pressure: 0.8MPa)
    ECO JET E relief valve 6.Hold the spray can against the air station for several seconds.
    ECO JET E construction 7.Remove the spray can from the air station, point the jet toward the sprayed surface, and spray 20 to 40 cm away from the surface.

    Any light liquid can be used(please use light liquid with viscosity of 22mm2/s or less)

  • Parts Cleaner
  • Grease
  • Various lubricants (CR-C etc.)
  • Liquid wax
  • Staining test solution
  • Disinfectant
  • Cutting oil
  • Rust inhibitor
  • Mold release agent
  • Spray Nozzle(Select the nozzle that best suits your application.)

    ECO JET E parts
  • General-purpose mist type
  • Nylon mist nozzle (short)
  • Nylon mist nozzle (long)
  • Nylon nozzle (short)
  • Nylon nozzle (long)
  • Relief valve and its operating mechanism diagram

    ECO JET E relief valve ECO JET E construction