Chino TP-S handheld thermal camera

AH-6 Blade hose for Various air piping

This Chiyoda's blade hose is Very soft compared to soft urethane and nylon single layer tubes.

Main Features

  • Uniform implantation of a sturdy nylon reinforcement produces out-standing durability.
  • Just insert the ribbed taper into the hose and tighten the cap nut.
  • Excellent flexibility. Softer than nylon tube and with rubber-like elasticity so bending radius is extremely small, thus, fatigue resistance to bending is very great.
  • Superior mechanical strength and excellent abrasive resistance.
  • Superior heat and cold resistance.
  • Oil resistance.
  • Light Weight
  • Specifications

    Working pressure 1.5MPa
    Outer diameter (mm) 10
    Color Orange
    Inside diameter (mm) 6.5
    Overall length (m) 50
    Wall thickness (mm) 1.75
    Fluid used Compressed air
    Weight 2.75kg
    Materail Polyurethane