Chino TP-S handheld thermal camera

TP-S handheld thermal camera

This handheld thermal camera makes searching and measuring abnormaly high or low temperature spots in a factory or elsewhere extremely simple and efficient. Measuring range is -10–300℃

USD 369


Measuring Temperature Range -10 to 300°C
Temperature Resolution 0.5°C
Accuracy Rating ±2% of measured value or ±3°C, whichever greater
Detecting Element Thermopile element (2000 pixels)
Measuring Angle of View 33.3°×33.3°
Frame Rate 6Hz
Measuring Display Function Spot temperature display 1-point (Fixed at the center)
Power Supply Battery type R-6 (AA), 2pcs
Operating Time Approx. 2hr. (When eneloops are used)
Working Temperature Range 0 to 50°C
External Dimensions W50×H138×D39mm (including lens)
Weight 180g (including batteries)