Chino IR-TE2 water-proof infrared thermometer

IR-TE2 waterproof infrared thermometer

This affordable thermometer is capable of measuring temperature between -40℃ and 300℃ and its simple one-button operation and laser-pointer makes it a handy tool for anyone.

USD 90



Measuring Temperature Range -40℃ to 300℃
Detecting Element Thermopile
Accuracy Rating ±1% ±1digit of measured value or ±2℃ ±1digit, whichever is greater. However, ±3℃ ±1digit between -30℃ to 0℃, ±5℃ ±1digit (ε=1.0, at ambient temperature 25℃ ±2℃) for -30℃ or less.
Repeatability Within 1℃ ±1digit
Response Speed 1sec. (90% response)
Measuring Diameter/Measuring Distance ⌀45mm (at measuring distance 500mm)
Collimation Center point is indicated by laser beam . Laser beam output is 1mW or less, 650nm (JIS class 2) * Conforms to Consumer Product Safety Act/Portable laser Devices (PS/C mark)
Display Reflection type LCD, 3-digit
Display Resolution 0.5℃ (between -19.5℃ to 99.5℃), 1℃ for -20℃ or less and 100℃ or more
Display Contents Measured value, Measuring unit (℃), Low battery symbol, Laser output status, Display other than emissivity 0.95
Auto Power OFF Function Power supply turned OFF after approx. 30sec. after last key operation.
Emissivity 0.95 (It can be changed within 0.80 to 1.00 by 0.05 step by an internal switch.)
Working Temperature Range 0 to 50℃, 90%RH or less (No dew condensation)
Power Supply Alkaline battery, type R03 (AAA), 2pcs (Battery life is approx. 10hr. under continuous use)
Case Protecting Structure IP67 (Washable)
External Dimensions/Weight W59.6×H119.6×D54mm, Approx. 123g (including batteries)
International Safety Standard CE marking/EN61326-1 Class B