IR Brix Meter PAL-HIKARi

The Digital Hand-held "Pocket" IR Brix Meter PAL-HIKARi from ATAGO received many awards for its high quality and excellent performance.

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  • Compact and Low Price--The light source is employed with LED chips.The way in which the light is directed at the fruit is well optic designed made it possible for no other like compact and low price. Available for anyone to use with ease of portability and affordability that individual customers can use.
  • Safe and durable product--All ATAGO products are designed, manufactured, and undergo thorough quality assurance testing in our own factory in Japan. We guarantee safe, reliable, high-quality products and services to our customers.
  • Easy measurement methods
  • ELI Function--ELI function will detect interfering external light allowing to take measurement outdoors. When external light is detected, "nnn" is displayed.