Applicable tubing

The production of the conventional KJ/KQ2 has been discontinued, and the model has changed to the New KQ2. Grease-free (-X17, -X29, -X39) and rubber material FKM (-X34, -X94) specifications are available with the current models.

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  • Improved tube insertion/removal--Insertion force: Max. 30% reduction Removal force: Max. 20% reduction*
  • Compact and lightweight--Dimensions Height direction 24% shorter * Dimensions Horizontal direction 23% shorter * Weight 57% lighter
  • KQ, KQ2 and KJ consolidated into "KQ2"--Enhanced variation, Lightweight, Compact
  • Selectable seal method
  • Selectable surface treatment--Brass (No plating) Brass + Electroless nickel plated
  • Face seal adopted for threading--Improved installability (Reduced tool-tightening after hand-tightening)
  • Height with multiple usage is uniform--Prevention of sealant residue/protrusion. Re-piping is possible.
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