Apollo Seiko TTM-3000N

Apollo Seiko
TTM-3000N soldering station

This station provides 100 watts of soldering power. The extremely fast heat up & temperature recovery, along with the ability to integrate N2 gas directly, make it ideal for lead-free soldering.

USD 590


The N2 gas can be pumped directly into the TTM-3000N via APN-05 generator or factory supplied Nitrogen. Statistical temperature data can be downloaded to a PC using an optical USB cable.


Power AC90~264V (single phase)
Heater Capacity 130W (max) DC 48V
Grounding Resistance Less than 2Ohm
Temp. Control PID control
Control Interval 0.1sec
Size(WxDxH) 110×115×135 mm
Weight 2kg
Max Power Consumption
Accessories Included Iron cartridge grip, Iron cartridge, Iron holder stand, Tip removable pad, Ground terminal, Fuse 2A, Power Cable