Amada Miyachi MM-315B weld checker

Amada Miyachi
MM-315B portable weld checker

This is super-portable, multi-function monitor for resistance spot welders. It literally puts all the welding data in the palm of your hand!

USD 910


The quality of resistance welding depends on the stability of the weld current, the welding time and the applied force. The MM-315B is designed to check weld current, welding time and conduction angle with an easy to use handheld device in various industries such as Automotive, Electronics, Batteries, Medical, IT & Multimedia and Aerospace.



Power supply Rechargeable battery and AC charger
Current sensor Toroidal coil
Current range 1.00-9.99A, 5.0-49.9kA
Time range 1 - 99 cycles or 0.01 - 0.80 sec
Conduction angle 30° - 180°
Dimensions 30mm × 75mm × 170mm
Weight 0.5kg