Adex Aile AX-1262B battery tester

Adex Aile
AX-126B battery tester

This product can measure the internal resistance and the voltage of batteries at the same time.

USD 1953



Test signal 1kHz±0.1% sine wave/1V r.m.s. (max.)
Measuring method 4-terminal measuring method [available to contact check]
Sampling time Free running mode: 5 or 15 times/sec.
Remote start mode: about 24msec./110msec.
Measuring response time Within 20msec. approx.
Measuring terminals max. voltage DC±13V
Comparator set range Resistance: 3½ Digit (1999) both high and low limit
Voltage: 4½ Digit (±12.999) both high and low limit
Indication of comparator's comparison result LED indication LO/GO/HI and buzzer
Control signal Remote start signal
Remote hold signal
comparison output [R-LO/R-HI/V-LO/V-HI/GO]:Open-collector output
Contact signal error [CE]:Open-collector output
end of comparison output [EOC]:Open-collector output
Analog output Resistance value:Full scale DC10V±0.3%±30mV
Battery voltage:0~±12V±0.1%±10mV
Operation condition [Temp.] +5℃~+40℃ [Humidity] less than 85%
Power supply AC100V/117V/220V/240V switchable, 50/60Hz, about 50VA
Outer dimension 333 (W) × 99 (H) × 335 (D) mm (excluding protruding parts such as rubber legs, etc.)
Weight about 3.5kg