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No. 650S #12 is a Kapton® (polyimide) film with superior heat resistance and resistance to chemicals applied with a heat-resistant silicone-based adhesive.

Optimal for use in the insulation of electrical components and parts requiring heat protection, heat resistant masking, splicing of heat resistant film, and component feeds during heat resistant processing

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  • Excellent for heat resistant at high temperature (by silicone-based adhesive)
  • Silicone-based adhesive has a characteristic of less adhesive residue after removal
  • UL510 Flame retardant (File № E56086)
  • UL temperature rated 200℃
  • Optional extra: With release liner type No.650R


  • For fixing and electrical insulation of parts required thin and heat resistance
  • For splicing TAB(Tape Automated Bonding),heat resistant film ,etc
  • For solder plating masking,masking plating,etc
  • Drying paint at high temperature
  • The conveyance of parts at the time of heat process

  • Overall thickness:0.035(㎜)
  • Standard length (m):20
  • Peel adhesion (N (gf) /W25㎜):4.41(450)
  • Tensile strength (N/25㎜)(m):78.5
  • Elongation (%):50
  • Breakdown voltage (kv)(m):5.0
  • Standards met:UL510 Flame retardant,UL temperature rated 200℃