IBS CM Series

Check Valve CM [M]Series (General Purpose)

Adoption of alignment valve! Backflow prevention valve with improved durability and reliability


  • CM[M] Series" is a general-purpose backflow prevention valve designed for stable operation.
  • The centering function (centering) suppresses chattering and improves durability and reliability.
  • In addition, the O-ring seal and metal touch system ensure stable sealing.
  • A wide variety of seal materials are available!
  • Compact and light weight
  • Can also be used for special fluids (Organic solvents, Vapor, etc.)
  • Features

  • Check valve (check valve)
  • Improved durability and reliability
  • Stable and continuous sealing
  • Wide variety of seal materials available
  • Nickel plating as standard for improved corrosion resistance (brass)
  • IBS CM Series


    IBS CM Series


    Use of fluids Gases and liquids that will not corrode wetted parts
    Connection Size R1/8~R1
    Working pressure -0.1~4.9Mpa
    Pressure-resistant 7.4Mpa
    Cracking Pressure 5kPa (standard)
    Body material Brass / SUS316
    X-ring Material Fluorine rubber FKM (standard)
    Remarks Piping can be installed in any position. However, depending on the orientation, reverse pressure may be required for products with a cracking pressure of 1 kPa.
    Remarks When using other fluids, please check the compatibility of the wetted parts of the product with the fluid to be used.

    Flow Characteristics

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